Coordinated Mutilation

by Volturyon

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released February 28, 2011



all rights reserved


Volturyon Sweden

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Track Name: Bloodsoaked Solution
Staring at an empty bed whishing it to stay the same
There must be a way to get me out of this
Everyone will get what they deserve I will remove their grins
The stupid fuckers will be killed

They must die tonight in my blood soaked solution

I catch them in their sleep and I hold ´em down, slowly suffocating each and everyone
This time they won’t slip away, through the pillow I hear their screams
Putting up a futile fight
Leeches, parasites, choked and pounded one by one
All their kicks and screams make me feel more brutal and supreme

They must die tonight in my blood soaked solution

Once a lover now a plague and soon a victim of her deceit
These are her last minutes alive, I cut her slowly but I won’t let her die

Years and years of humiliation now end in retaliation
Suppressed violence manifested in a psychopathic impulse of brutality

Helpless, pestiferous bitch, bleeding
I’ll make her suffer until the end
I cut her deeper in excess
A gruesome act in this process of obliteration

Hours of corporal abuse initiated
She brought this on herself
Suffer you fucking burden
Protracted punishment, I nail her to the floor
Disgust, repulsion, this is what she means to me

Solo - Johan

Helpless, pestiferous bitch, bleeding
I’ll make her suffer until the end
I cut her deeper, in excess, tearing out her vital organs
Blood soaked solution, followed through
I made her suffer until the end
Blood soaked solution, I crushed her skull
A gruesome act in this process of obliteration
Track Name: Savage Gluttony
A filthy mind, forbidden fetisch a constant urge
First swallowed in shame, kept inside for many years
To prey on the helpless, an addiction
Fully infected with this perversion
Now a full blown obssession

Through a lens, flaunted bodies
Scenario of your choice
Bold, impudent, innocent

Savage gluttony of flesh
Twithching resistance as life ends

His eyes are set on the weak an easy catch
Sedated, taken away
Thrown in the basement with the rest
Piles of young bodies to molest
Some of them dead, some alive
Warm or cold they shall all be defiled

Pounded bodies, reconsructed for sexual purposes
Invaginated flesh to fit his needs

Solo - Johan

Blurred vision, blood on his face, callused hands trembling, craving, covered in sludge
Sloppy insisions, he grabs for innards, stuffing his mouth full of that juicy flesh
Savage perversions, cavities are carved to be penetrated
Poisoned by his fear of dying

Pounded bodies beyond recognition, a bloody pulp
Softened flesh suits the old man

Deteriorated genitalia is buried in their skin, he feels so alive
Savage perversions, cavities are carved to be penetrated
Poisoned by his fear of dying

Savage gluttony of
Savage gluttony of … flesh!

Savage gluttony of flesh
Twitching resistance as life ends
Savage gluttony of flesh
Twitching resistance as life ends
As life ends
Track Name: Eight Corners of Slaughter
Modernized obsolete expressions
Manifested violent urges under supervision
An indulgence hard to comprehend

A form of organized abuse, a mutual will to cripple
Frequently questioned, banned, stigmatized
Insignificant petty taunting

Reciprocal esteem, respect combined with bloodshed
Vicious punishment received, cut by slashing elbows
Never fully healed, rigorous preparations
Opened up with knees, eight corners of slaughter

Some of us are born with a natural will to kill
A quality constantly restrained
An outlet for primordial instincts
An indulgence hard to comprehend

Forced to bear a culpable brand, involuntary fight for vindication
Threatened sole purpose of existence, oppressive covetous mockery

A barbaric display to corrupt our judgment
Or a celebration of human nature, a clash of convictions

Excessive idolatry and imitation, an inevitable outcome
A reflection of the basic human need of fervent adoration

Accumulated tension released
Incarcerated frustration must be set free

Blunt brutality, savagely constricted
Blood pours down the face, beaten beyond recognition
Scars reopen once more, permanent damage inflicted
Conquering the throne, eight corners of slaughter
Track Name: Euphoria Through Execution
Built up rage will take its toll
Messed up youngs, misanthropic ways
Soon the day will come for their revenge

Execution is set to take place
When everyone has come so that no one gets away
Exits are blocked as the plan comes alive

Performed by the disturbed
Euphoria through execution
Inner demons released
Euphoria through execution

Dominance and respect is finally achived
Euphoria through hatred is what they feel
Now the time has come for their revenge

Running down the halls in a drunken rage
Sreaming out what’s been kept inside
Killing at will, watching them bleed, silencing the pleads

Performed by the disturbed...
Track Name: Ravaged
Bondage, display of dominance
Tied down to suffer blunt trauma
Ravaged, this young body abused
Innocence is lost forever
Broken, overwhelmed by fear
So young and pure the perfect prey

Pools of genital blood serves as monument of acts of molestation and disgrace
Ropes tearing the lines of tension, filthy hands cover her face

Overpowered, deflowered, robbed of sanctity
Strapped to a pole, hooded and stoned down to the bone
Her flesh exposed, state of disgrace

Primal brutalism, total barbarism, obsolete ways of torture
Cannibals, rapists, all join together in primordial orgies

Bondage, display of dominance
Hunted down to suffer blunt trauma
Ravaged, this young body abused
Destined for bloodshed never to be healed

Screaming, begging, praying to be killed only to be slowly to be tortured
Reeking mass of vermillion sludge, carnivores are gathering

Endless bloodshed
Ravaged, again and again, dying

Taking turns, ripping up new orifices in this barely living pile of bones
Snacking on what is left, inhuman circle of life

Endless bloodshed…

Primal brutalism, total barbarism carnivores are snacking on what is left
Violent mastication’s stretching orifices carnivores are snacking on what is left
Track Name: Coordinated Mutilation
Enhancing injections, intoxication has begun
An experiment set in motion
Growing abstinence, craving the touch of flesh
Rabid and tremulous, another hunt is on

A lust to brutalize, coordinated mutilation
Cognatic strategies, coordinated mutilation

Staggering intemperance
No way out from this addiction
Rationality neglected

A game of killing, reality mixed with fiction
Participation means deprivation
Beckoned by the instinct of supremacy
Unrelenting violence is imminent

Summoning the vile, ready to perform without remorse
Waiting for a sign, where to aim, how to stab, when to execute

Everyone has come, ferocity intensifies, time to advance
Vertical slash from behind with a knife in order to proceed
Satisfied grins, another successful hunt, perfection achieved
Blood soaked, crimson red sepulchral fields, cadavers fills the streets

Meticulous ways of slaughter, coordinated mutilation
Deranged psychopaths, coordinated mutilation

Staggering intemperance
No way out from this addiction
Rationality neglected

Solo - Andreas

Gruesomeness beyond belief
Coordinated mutilation
Track Name: Abide Under Eminence
A quest for domination
Surrendered to the greatest purity
Sovereign oppression
Committed to enslavement

Clinging to their scriptures, fanatic devotion, a feeble heap
Excess of adherents guided by an illusory origin

Murder is forgiven
Evident abhorrence
Purified by phantoms now
Morally reborn

You shall all abide under eminence deliver your souls
Surrender to a higher power
Renounce, relinquish your sanity
You shall all abide under eminence surrender to a higher power

A prestigious hunt for slaves and preachers, lured by promises
Indoctrinated, this mental confinement will corrupt their minds

Imbued masses under a spell are carrying out their orders
Weakened by an exorbitant reverence and blind devotion

Solo - Andreas

You shall all abide… yield!

Foolish adoration has ravaged our existence
Messengers of intolerance has incited an army of servants

Millions of lives are left in ruins forever condemned
Abysmal misery, fear and anguish, an inevitable end
Track Name: Sadistic Molestation
Body covered by coagulated pus
Lacerations turned into festering scabs
Every waking hour is a living hell
Beaten and abused by her old loving dad

Beauty despoiled, a slave under this perversity
Inhumanly deflowered, genetic affinities combined
The old man rapes her again and again
To satisfy his perverted, sadistic needs

An incestuous offspring waiting to be born
Spawned by his filthy, decaying paternal seed
Sadistic molestation

Impregnated by her own flesh and blood
A unification too sick to understand
She rams a rusty knife into her twat
A growing psychosis guiding her hand

An incestuous offspring…

Scarred by the vile impregnation the operation begins, self mutilation
Pushing the blade deeper into her womb to erase this unwanted fetus

Blood begins to gush from her lethal wound moist with goo
Pieces of her uterus are scattered across the room
Smeared seed on the hacked remains

Dying on the floor in a pool of crimson sludge
Divested against her will
Death is just the beginning more is yet to come
Cold flesh Incest

Her old loving dad's not finished yet, post mortal abuse
Deformation limb by limb, contortion of her lifeless carcass
He chops her up

Trying to fit her in the furnace
A desperate try to get rid of the evidence
Seared body parts completes the abomination
Reduced to ashes by her old loving dad
Track Name: Sanguinolency
Obsessive, rabid, frantic, no peace of mind
Night after night he dreams of gore and sadistic deeds
Spawned by fantasies starring himself

Warped mind, intoxicated, determined to find the location
Desperate need of total gratification, flashbacks of a vulgar scenario
Fuels the gruesome plot


Inflowing pictures, eyes are shut
He replicates every single move
Bodies lay contorted dead on the ground

Pierced throats, heads chopped off
Cutting flesh sonority


Never before seen violence
Warped mind, intoxicated
Entering the state of psychosis

Solo - Johan

He’s counting the deaths
Body parts spread around
The work is done

Sanguinolent perversions
Impulse is to hunt down the innocent
Shredded, severed flesh
Never before seen violence

Dreams will come back, compulsory acts continue
When he misses the smell of blood and the touch of flesh
Track Name: Intense Convulsions
My object of suffering in sight
I climb through his window at night
I push the needle through his skin
Injecting the substance made to kill

Polluted veins, decomposing
Deteriorating slowly

Organ collapse
Lethal toxins refined, intestinal distress
Choking on froth
Tremor, intense convulsions

Excruciating seizures
A lifelong malice ending in blood
I aim for the torso apertures
The virulent fluids injected to the flesh

Exorbitant vengeful reprisal
The final syringe is inserted
Augmented boils bursting
Malodorous fetid secretion

Polluted veins, bursting vessels
Spewing his innards violently

A sinister vengeance completed
Layers of tissue depleted through festering
Disgusting deeds of aversion
I wallow in the satisfaction

Organ collapse
Lethal toxins refined, intestinal distress
Tremor, intense convulsions